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Earthquake in Haiti

Support our medical response on the mainland to the devasting 7.2 magnitude earthquake!

Provide access to emergency medical care and professional services!

La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital is responding in partnership with World Hope International to the devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti on Saturday, August 14. Will you join us with a special gift today?

While medical help from outside of Haiti was far away and slow in reaching the island, La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital was positioned and ready in Haiti to respond. When the call for medical professionals, services, and supplies was made, the hospital – with its history of never turning anyone away – was ready and waiting.

Doctors and nurses from La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital deployed among the first wave of responders into hard-hit areas of the mainland to provide emergency medical relief. An additional team of doctors and nurses have deployed in the week since, with the teams providing COVID-19 education; information on protecting oneself during an earthquake; general hygiene; as well as patient consultations; wound dressings; medication; and addressing fractures, cranial trauma, contusions, traumatic conjunctivitis, ulcers, and psychological issues. 

Your gift today will support the hospital’s emergency response on the mainland while continuing to operate as usual at the hospital on La Gonâve.  

Our local and international staff have mobilized and are coordinating with partners to provide relief to those affected by the earthquake.

Nurse working in field hospital

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Help us respond to the earthquake in Haiti by supporting our medical teams and medical relief supplies!

News Updates

According to ReliefWeb, in “the days immediately following the devastation, UPS and The UPS Foundation went to work, committing more than $500,000 for food, shelter, medical care and aid to those who need it most. UPS’s work in Haiti is a collaborative effort that includes non-profit partners, UPS Healthcare, Freight Forwarding and Coyote Logistics. Specifically, The UPS Foundation has coordinated three emergency relief flights through UPS Global Freight Forwarding. Combined, more than 1,000 hygiene kits, 3,000 blankets, 2,000 mosquito nets, 65 pallets and flatbeds containing food, water, medical supplies, PPE, mobile clinic kits, tents, mattresses, cots and other critical supplies will be delivered.”

Additionally, the “UPS Foundation’s non-profit partners in Haiti include: Haitian Global Health Alliance in support of GHESKIO, The Salvation Army, SOS, CARE, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Reach Out America, World Hope International, CORE, WORK and United Nations World Food Programme.”

In Les Cayes, Haiti, the epicenter of Saturday’s earthquake, hospitals have become “so overwhelmed with patients that many had to lie in patios, corridors, verandas and hallways”, according to the Bloomberg report. With the tropical storm rolling in Monday night, hospitals were forced to relocate the patients as best as they can.

According to Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, the death toll has risen to 1,419 and 6,000 injured, “many of whom have had to wait under the burning heat, even on an airport tarmac, for help” due to hospitals being overcapacity.

“To initially support relief efforts on the ground,” Amazon.com reports that “Amazon’s disaster relief and response team has donated more than 35,000 emergency items such as shelter equipment (including tarps, tents, sleeping bags, hammers, utility gloves, ladders, and more), collapsible water containers, cleanup supplies, and medical equipment. Amazon will donate more relief supplies as community partners assess needs and request additional support.”

“Amazon is teaming up and coordinating donation efforts with its humanitarian community partners— Americares, Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) Response, Global Empowerment Mission (a Good360 partner), World Central Kitchen, and World Hope International—who will distribute the relief supplies to those in need in Haiti.”

As Tropical Storm Grace threatens Haiti with heavy rain and flooding, the Washington Post reports how “rescue workers and doctors“ have been working “feverishly to save victims of the deadly earthquake”. 

The mayor of a harbor town, Mari-Helen L’Esperance, told Haiti’s Pacific Radio on Monday: “Every house was destroyed, there’s nowhere to live, we need shelters, medical help and especially water…” and that the prospect of the storm has “spread fear through residents who had nothing left but to pray.” 

NBC NEWS reports that “more than 1,200 people and injured 5,700” as a result of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake this past Saturday.

The earthquake in Haiti has “flattened churches, homes and government buildings” and trapped many people in the rubble. As the Haitians continue to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, they must “brace for the likely impact of Tropical Storm Grace, which appears to be headed toward it and could bring heavy rains and strong wind this week.”

Reuters reports that at least “304 people died and hundreds were injured after a major earthquake struck southwestern Haiti on Saturday, authorities said, reducing churches, hotels, schools and homes to rubble.”

The earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks and Haiti’s Civil Protection service told Reuters that in addition to the preliminary death toll of 304, at least 1,800 people are injured and more are unaccounted for.