L'Hopital Wesleyen de La Gonave

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Rue de l’Hôpital #5,
Anse a Galets, La Gonâve, Haiti


24/7 Emergency Care

L'Hôpital Wesleyen

de La Gonâve

La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital is a faith-based hospital dedicated to caring for the sick, promoting preventative medicine, and training caregivers and technicians.

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Hospital & Pharmacy Hours

Monday-Saturday: 8 am – 8 pm


Clinical Hours

Monday-Saturday: 8 am – 2 pm

Doctor examining a patient

About Us

Providing Medical Care to the Island of La Gonâve since 1948.

The La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital was established in 1948 on the island of La Gonâve off the coast of Haiti by the Wesleyan Mission in Haiti. For more than seventy years the hospital has provided basic health services through resident medical staff and visiting teams of specialists.

The hospital has historically generated at least half of its operating budget in the local context, charging very modest fees for services to those who are able to pay them. Partner organizations, government programs, and the mission’s network of friends and supporting churches provide the balance of needed funds, especially for those in the population who are truly indigent. Today, the hospital’s primary support partner is the FBO, World Hope International.

L’Hôpital Wesleyen

By the Numbers

Over 70 Years

of medical & health services provided to the residents of La Gonâve.

120,000 island residents

depend on the hospital for medical & health care.

7000+ Sponsored Children

living on the island receive annual medical exams.

90 local residents

are employed by the hospital.

Our Services

Providing Health, Hope & Opportunity.

The Wesleyen Hospital provides hospital-based care to the 120,000 people living on the island of La Gonâve. We have served as a base for the community health education program and supplies equipment, personnel, and logistical support for rural clinics sponsored by several partner organizations.

The hospital provides 24hour/7 days a week emergency care, inpatient care for adults and children, maternity and newborn care, and surgical services including Cesarean Sections, Tubal Ligations, Vasectomies, and those surgeries done by general and OB/GYN surgeons who visit periodically.

In-Hospital Care

The hospital is capable of providing surgical, labor and delivery, emergency care, as well as, x-ray and laboratory.

Community Health

We conduct periodic engagement in schools and churches regarding key health information, such as vaccination and health screening.

Maternity & Pediatric Care

We provide prenatal education, care for mothers and newborns, and prenatal emergency services.

Covid-19 Care

The hospital provides testing and hospital care for COVID-19 patients, as well as logistic support and supplies for clinicians in rural clinics seeking referrals or consultation.

Clinical Care

Care is provided in clinic and inpatient facilities, including a dressing clinic, prenatal, Tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS clinics.

Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory provides a range of laboratory testing and screening including HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, blood typing, etc.

Immunization & Vaccination

We provide regular immunization for BCG, Measles, Pertussis, Rotavirus, and Polio. Tetanus boosters vaccinations are also given. 

Financial Services

We work with patients to provide them the care that they require, regardless of financial situation. 

Medical Education

Haitian and American medical and nursing students do clinical work in our facilities and receive clinical supervision and education.

Our Staff

Meet Our Leadership Team.

The hospital employs approximately 90 local people. Our medical staff is made up of Haitian doctors and nurses, as well as volunteer specialists who assist in the training of resident nurses and doctors.

Daniel Bertrand

Daniel Bertrand

La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital CEO

Rousvel Michel

Rousvel Michel

La Gonâve Wesleyen Hospital Administrator

Yvon Pierre

Yvon Pierre

HR Director

Dr. Jean Eric Ferdinand

Dr. Jean Eric Ferdinand

Chief Medical Officer & Director of Public Health

Veronic Jules

Veronic Jules

Director of Nursing

Dr. Destin Badio

Dr. Destin Badio

Internal Medicine/Pulmonology

Dr. Robert Vermaire

Dr. Robert Vermaire

Senior Medical Missionary